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​Who Is E?

Edwina is a travel agent who has had a love for travel for many years.  Before travel was a dream job, Edwina was the go to person for all family trips. Planning the trip was just as fun as the trip itself! One day, on a whim, she booked her first vacation out of the country with a travel group online. She fell in love with the culture and has been exploring other cultures ever since. Once she began traveling she realized how big the world is and has made it her goal to see all 50 states and all 193 countries.  So far she had visited 25 states and 10 countries. While her passion for other cultures is undeniable, visiting other places has allowed her to gain an greater appreciation for the United States.

Edwina has now been traveling as a travel agent for 6 years, which has given her first-hand knowledge of individual and group travel. Her Specialty is in Leisure Travel and she loves anywhere with a beach. She looks forward to sharing her passion with you and planning your next great escape. 

Fun Facts​

Countries Seen

Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Bahamas, South Africa, Aruba, United Arb Emirates, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic   

States seen

Alaska, Hawaii, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Tennessee, Utah, New Jersey, Nevada, Virginia, Louisiana, West Virginia, Georgia, Marylyn, New Hampshire, Maine, South Carolina, North Carolina, Rode Island, Connecticut, Washington 

First out of country trip


Favorite trip

The Dominican Republic! I went for my birthday and the had great music and food, The island is beautiful, and the people were very friendly and welcoming. 

Get in touch!



1880 Braselton Hwy 118 Suite #5061

Lawrenceville Ga, 30043


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed


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